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As followers of Jesus at Hillside Church we seek to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength; love each other in humility and grace; and love our neighbours as ourselves. 

The ministries described below are tangible ways for us to participate with Jesus’s ongoing ministry to us and to those around us. These offerings allow us to practice our love for God, each other and our neighbours. 

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young adults

Young Adult Men (YAM) - Bible Study: 

Third Saturday of every month at Hillside

Young Adult Women (YAW)  - Bible Study:  

Every second Tuesday evening

For questions about these groups or when they are meeting next, please contact Nate Collins. 

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men's fellowship

Thursdays at 9:30am | The Prayer Room at Hillside

Men of Hillside Church, you are invited…


To have coffee, doughnuts, and laugh together

To gain a deeper understanding of the scriptures 

To walk with God

To pray together for each other, our families, our church, our community, and the world

Thursdays from 9:30-10:30am, we invite the Hillside men to join in walking and listening to Jesus with one another and find mutual encouragement.


Contact Bill Kitch or Mark Rajan for information. 

youth and children's

During the school year, Hillside hosts two youth groups, OASIS and Club 67. OASIS runs on Wednesday evenings, whereas Club 67 takes place on Friday evenings.

Our children's ministry runs during the service on Sunday. Hillside Kids includes children grade 2 and up, whereas Hillside Littles sees all those in grade 1 and younger. 

Read more about these ministries: 


ladies bible study

Thursdays at 9:30am | The Lounge at Hillside

Ladies from Hillside are invited to participate in a bible study (and enjoy some tea and treats!) Thursday mornings in the Lounge. 

Contact Shannon Spencer for details.

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community groups

As Christians, we belong to one another. This was true from the moment the first disciples were called to follow Jesus; and true for us today at Hillside Church.

Community groups offer an extension of our life together beyond the Sunday morning gathering for worship. By regularly meeting together in smaller groups for prayer, sharing, Bible discussion, and community service, our lives of faith and following Jesus directly impact our everyday lives at home, work, and school.  



If you can play an instrument or sing and have a heart for God and a passion for worship, consider becoming a part of the team.


All new members will be required to schedule an audition and interview. ​ Anyone interested in joining the team should contact Nate Collins.



As well as encouraging personal prayer, Hillside fosters many opportunities for corporate prayer.


Anyone is welcome to gather in the Prayer Room on Sundays anytime between 10am and 10:30am to pray for the service and those participating in it. Post-service prayer is available for all after the service. 

In addition, if you or someone you know has a matter for prayer, you can email prayer requests to


If you would like to join the 40+ Hillsiders that receive and pray over these requests, contact Reyla Lopez

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