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Hillside Church is a growing, multi-generational, evangelical church located in North Vancouver’s Lynn Valley. As followers of Jesus we seek to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength; love each other in humility and grace; and love our neighbours as ourselves. 


Empowered by the Spirit, Hillside Church is called to continue the ministry and mission of Jesus in the world by being a sign, a servant and a foretaste of the Kingdom of Heaven in each of the neighbourhoods where we live across the North Shore.  

We do this by participating in several core practices as a Christian community: 

  • Worship: Weekly gatherings in large and small groups 

  • Prayer: Regularly listening, interceding, lamenting and giving thanks to God 

  • Hospitality: Welcoming others into our homes and hearts 

  • Generosity: Giving and living sacrificially with our time, money, and spaces 

  • Doing good: Blessing, encouraging, helping, listening, loving one another 

  • Keeping promises: Being true and steadfast to our commitments 


As a Baptist church within the fellowship of Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (, we share a common statement of faith and common set of convictions.


The following are our core beliefs as a Christian community at Hillside Church: 

  • We worship and serve the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We live and love in response to God’s love for us which was demonstrated in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross for our sins and poured out into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. 


  • We focus on following Jesus—in our own walk and talk so that we may become more like him–and others will know the hope and joy of following Jesus. 


  • We trust in the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in us and in our world. We work with God in planting, cultivating and pruning whatever is necessary to see the fruit of God’s Spirit born in us and around us.  


  • We submit to the authority of the Bible. We read, listen and learn God’s Word as a trustworthy guide for life and faithful living to God. 


  • We are committed to every member ministry in our church where all are encouraged to discover and practice their spiritual gifts, whether speaking or serving gifts. 


  • We affirm an egalitarian position and actively encourage women and men equally in leadership at all levels of church life. 

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