We need a movement of God’s people into neighbourhoods, to live out and be the new future of Christ. It must be a movement that demonstrates how the people of God have a vision and the power to transform our world. This is not the same as current attempts to grow bigger and bigger churches that act like vacuum cleaners, sucking people out of their neighbourhoods into a sort of Christian supermarket. Our culture needs local communities empowered by the gospel vision of a transforming Christ who addresses the needs of the context and changes the polis into a place of hope and wholeness. And until we build transformed communities there is no hope for a broken earth.


It requires considerable commitment to the local setting. It arises out of an incarnational theology of place in which people are more than isolated individuals with no essential relationship to their setting. Becoming immersed in a place with a people does not occur instantly but over a number of years. Perseverance and commitment are essential.


From “Reaching a New Generation” by Alan J. Roxburgh

Neighbourhood Groups


When Jesus calls us to love our neighbours we believe He meant our literal neighbours; those we regularly cross paths with in the course of our daily lives. So our church is organized around reaching out with the love of Jesus, in words and actions, to those in the places where we live.


To help support and equip people to do this we invite everyone to join a Neighbourhood Group in the neighbourhood in which they live.