Hillside is heavily involved in local and overseas missions, with many members serving on the boards of mission and other social agencies, and many members who have served in short- or long-term missions. We are particularly involved with the following organisations:

Reachout To Africa

A Christian registered Canadian charity, a humanitarian organization dedicated to providing financial and logistical aid to communities and vulnerable children of Southern Africa.


We work closely with various local organizations that have many, many years of experience working in various countries in Southern Africa. These organizations are involved with local grass root community resilience building and educational and development projects.


Reachout To Africa provides opportunities for Canadian volunteers to travel to Southern Africa to work as short term missionaries in the areas where we work. We are seeing new avenues open up where there are many exciting opportunities for real contributions. These grassroots individuals and organizations in Southern Africa are the beneficiaries of Reachout To Africa.

Keats Camps

Keats' Mission:
Proclaiming Christ through quality camping opportunities and discipling Christian leaders.

Keats Vision:
Anchoring a new generation for life.


Since 1926 Keats Camps has affected the lives of many youth and young leaders as well as elders in the church. Lots of the youth and young adults that go to Hillside are or have been involved with Keats Camps in a big way. You can go to their website to find out more!