Hillside Church is a missional church that understands its calling under God according to the following statement which the congregation wrote in 2010:


The New Testament advances a missional vision of the church, in which the church is understood as a sign, a servant, and a foretaste of the Kingdom of God. Local churches are invited to join Jesus in His mission in the world, not to pursue their own missions for Him. The mission is God’s not ours.


This mission involves the proclamation in word and deed of the in-breaking of the Kingdom. It does not concern itself primarily with the growth of our local church. It involves communities of believers being the presence of Christ in their neighbourhoods, among people with needs of all kinds, rather than churches acting as ‘holy huddles’, only concerned with keeping the door to their own church open for another week, another month, or another year.


As we follow Jesus into His mission, not only are we called to do as Jesus did, we are also called to engage in mission in the ways He did; to be the loving presence of Christ in a desperately needy world. And we are called to incarnate Jesus in a specific context; to be Jesus in a specific place and time, for particular people. We cannot do this out of our own resources, but must develop a greater dependence on the Lord, trusting that He will act in profound ways through our simple acts and words of love.


This vision of the church, as a community of believers called, empowered and invited by the Spirit to continue the mission of Jesus in the world, by proclaiming and embodying the Kingdom of God, comes straight out of the pages of the New Testament in passages such as Luke 9:1-11.